Ride Day and Night with Maximum Visibility

  • Fits ALL helmet styles... full face, flip-up, half

  • 245 lumens provide extreme brightness across 360° for hundreds of feet

  • Low profile LEDs do not impact helmet safety

  • Adhesive bond is "non-solvent" to protect helmet warranty

  • Flexible joints enable different LED layouts

  • Weatherproof rated at IP65

  • No light is transmitted into the rider's eyes

  • Only 37 grams added to helmet's weight

  • Coiled cord stretches to the rider's height

  • Available power options -- 'Power Link' to the motorcycle's battery or 'Rechargeable' battery pack worn by rider

Two Power Options

Motorcycle powered 'Power Link'

'Power Protected' li-ion battery pack

LightRider comes with free shipping.

Lumenflex only ships within the U.S, but we're going international in October.

Most of us wear helmets for "passive safety"... protection waiting for a collision to happen in order to be useful. But LightRider increases the scope of helmet safety. The helmet light "actively" alerts other drivers to help prevent collisions so you don't show up as a victim in the next crash video.

This is AMAZING...put it on my Arai. Everyone can see you. People have complimented it and have said it's so smart to have this. Took just minutes to install. This is a must have!!!!

// Frank Y -- Northport, NY

This is a must have add-on to your helmet regardless! Easy to apply an install. The important part is that the are hi-viz even during the day. You will get driver attention with this Lumenflex lighting.

// Steve D. (Rider-Coach) - Tyler, TX

The increased visibility day and night is amazing … definitely gets drivers to pay attention. Battery life is excellent too!

// Mark P. -- Georgetown, TX

More to add to the arsenal of safety equipment to defend against the inattentive cager. People notice this!

// David C. -- Austin, TX

I usually don't do reviews, but I gotta say these lights are awesome. They fit my helmet easily and are discreet when I don't have them on during the day. At night when I turn them on they are bright and other drivers look at you. Shipping was extremely fast, great seller.

// Matt B. - Oakland, CA

I did not realize that LEDs are as small as these.  They are BRIGHT.  Great safety item that all bikers should use.

// Jack J. -- Flowery Branch, GA

I ordered the LightRider helmet lights with the rechargeable battery for my husband. The initial battery we received was not holding a charge, so I contacted customer support. Besides the battery, they sent a new adhesive strip and also threw in the “direct connect” kit so that my husband can attach the lights to his bike. These lights are amazing! They are bright, clear, and noticeable. We purchased these lights for added safety and to increase his visibility for other motorists. We definitely made the right choice with this product.

// Jennifer P. - Pittsburg, CA

I installed the Lumenflex lights on my motorcycle helmets (2). Great results. Both car drivers and other bikers give me the "thumbs up" for the visibility factor.

// Vernon N. - Wichita Falls, TX

Just as easy to install as on the web page. Thanks for such a great idea! 

// George P. -- Fredricksburg, VA

I know people see me. Friends and co workers talk about how visible I am. I bought one for my nephew. Highly recommend it!

// Jack M. - Corona, CA

I feel much safer with the LightRider. Easy to install and bright LEDs as well. It's a solid, well constructed product.

// Jeff G. - Atlanta, GA

Great illumination in low visibility conditions; provides personal confidence that I am seen by those behind and ahead of me. Fantastic product at a very reasonable price price.

// Curt L. - (Rider Coach) Waco, TX

Look twice for motorcycles!