• Rider visibility spans 360 degrees for hundreds of feet

  • High brightness (245 lm) for both day and night visibility

  • Very low profile maintains helmet performance properties

  • Fits ALL helmet styles... full face, flip-up, half helmet


  • Adhesive bond is "non-solvent" to protect helmet warranty

  • Flexible joints enable different layout patterns

  • Weatherproof rated at IP65

  • Operating range of -20⁰F to 180⁰F


  • No light is transmitted into the rider's eyes

  • Only 37 grams added to helmet's weight

  • Coiled power cord stretches to the rider's height

  • Choose from two power options --
      1. Constant motorcycle power draw with 'Power Link'
      2. Rechargeable li-ion battery with 5 hour run time

LIGHTRIDER...  "Safety for motorcycle riders and the people who care about them"

Power Options

1. Rechargeable Battery - Five hours of run time

2. 'Power Link' - Power from your motorcycle

LightRider comes with free shipping.

LightRider is only available in the U.S. now, but international sales are planned for the near future.

I did not realize that LEDs are as small as these.  They are BRIGHT.  Great safety item that all bikers should use.

// Jack J. -- Flowery Branch, GA

Just as easy to install as on the web page. Thanks for such a great idea! 

// George P. -- Fredricksburg, VA

The increased visibility day and night is amazing … definitely gets drivers to pay attention. Battery life is excellent too!

// Mark P. -- Georgetown, TX

More to add to the arsenal of safety equipment to defend against the inattentive cager. People notice this!

// David C. -- Austin, TX

Watching riders and motorists collide makes us all fearful, at times even angry. But simply blaming the motorists for being at fault won't prevent future crashes. And if you keep believing that you will never get hit, you've done nothing to improve your own safety.

During a crash, your helmet is essential for protecting your head and neck. Yet technology is expanding your helmet's function. With LightRider, it works to increase visibility so the next crash video doesn't show you in a starring role.