• If you know the safety risks, why choose to ride unseen?  Don't be a crash target in hiding for unaware motorists.  It's time to get visible!

    The motorists just ahead are in your "danger zone". Use LightRider's front-facing LEDs to alert them.

    Don't wait for a collision to make your helmet work. Get visible, even on the sunniest day, with lights that surround your helmet to help prevent a collision.

    Dark bike, dark clothes... How can motorists see you? Moving out of harm's way starts with getting visible.


  • Rider visibility extends hundreds of feet

  • 180 lumen bright for day and night visibility

  • Low profile maintains helmet safety properties

  • Fits every motorcycle helmet style


  • "Pressure-sensitive" bonding preserves helmet warranty

  • Flexible joints are double insulated

  • Weatherproof rated at IP65

  • Operating range of -20⁰F to 180⁰F


  • No light transmitted into a rider's eyes

  • Helmet weight increases by only 37 grams

  • Power cord conforms to a rider’s back

  • Can re-install light on a new helmet

  • Lithium-ion battery powers for 6 hours

LIGHTRIDER    On sunny days, LightRider LEDs still stand out!

All Red Details & Buy

$83.00 (with Power Pack)

Yellow-Red Details & Buy

$83.00 On Backorder

White-Red Details & Buy

$83.00 (with Power Pack)

LightRider comes with free shipping.

We are confident that you will be impressed with this light, and our Return Policy backs up that confidence.

LightRider is only available in the U.S. right now, but international sales are planned for the near future.

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