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    LED Magnetic Ball Cap Lighting

    Finally, there's a light for your ball cap that's bright enough to effectively light your way and more. At 180 lumens, BrimBeam’s headlamp extends your visibility to over 100 feet. Plus, the headlamp's design prevents disturbing backlight from interfering with your view. But, when you're walking down a dark road, you know that your safety isn't just about seeing ahead. You must be visible to motorists approaching from behind. That's where BrimBeam's rear safety beam steps in... 100 lumens of red LEDs that can signal everyone 300 feet away and further. Our engineers also made sure that BrimBeam’s 7.0 ounces was evenly distributed by placing the light's power supply at the back of the cap. It's a balance that works make sure your ball cap retains it's comfortable fit and feel. BrimBeam is completely hands-free so you can just keep doing what you like do - but now in the light.
  • 'Power Protected' Battery Pack for BrimBeam

    BrimBeam Baseball Cap Light Replacement Battery

    • Uses genuine 12V TrustFire li-ion batteries rated at 900 mAh (CE, FCC, & PSE certifications)
    • 'Power Protected' means that battery cell protection circuitry prevents over-charging and over-discharging
    • Cabling uses 22 AWG wire for long term reliability
    • Charges in approx 45 minutes with 1 Amp "smart" charger
    • Cable connector: DC jack (2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD)
    • Operating time: 3.5 hours
      Compatible with BrimBeam only. International Customers:  Export regulations prevent Lumenflex from shipping battery packs ordered separately from equipment.