LED Lighting System for Hardhats with Safety Attachments

The OrbitXT is built from the proven performance of OrbitBeam, our original hard hat light. The new XT is the brightest, safest, most versatile light you can buy for hard hats outfitted with attachments to protect vision and hearing.

On many jobs, workers need the protection of face shields and earmuffs. But there has never been a light designed specifically for hard hats with these safety attachments — until now. The OrbitXT is the only hard hat light that will not obstruct the movement or usability of either attachment.

The OrbitXT uses a 3M VHB (very high-bond) adhesive backing to stay secure on your hardhat. We shortened the original 360° safety beam to 180° on the OrbitXT in order to avoid interfering with the hard hat's other attachments. Yet, the XT's work light still provides a blazing 400 lumens for maximum visibility. Plus, the OrbitXT adds only 1.2 oz to the hard hat, making it undetectable to the wearer.

With OrbitXT, you finally get the right lighting for your specialized work.