About Our Company

Born from a passion for the outdoors and the open road, Lumenflex engineers the most powerful, utilitarian LED lights you can wear. Since 2013, we have designed and launched new products to meet untapped needs of the outdoor sporting and commercial markets.

We are proud to outfit many recreational enthusiasts and industrial professionals — bikers, cyclists, runners, hikers, backpackers, miners, construction workers, equipment operators, industrial technicians, mechanics, and electricians. As more individuals and businesses look for effective safety lighting solutions, our products will continue evolving to satisfy their demands.


Why Lumenflex?

If you ride, work, or spend any time in the dark, you know that even with personal lighting, your sight is limited. Headlamps provide a narrow viewing field, and flashlights are cumbersome when you need to have your hands free. Single-beam lights don’t improve clarity because they leave objects in shadow, creating extremes of light and dark that distort what you see.

As a rider or worker on the road at night, you know that approaching vehicles often don’t acknowledge you. Cars fail to leave space for motorcycles, bicycles, and road workers because smaller objects become camouflaged easily. Finding yourself ignored when it turns dark is frustrating and often very, very dangerous.

We understand the importance of having tools that help you control your safety. That’s why we build products that dramatically expand what you see and how you’re seen – clearly, confidently, and effectively. Tough conditions demand high reliability, so Lumenflex is just as committed to the quality of our work as we are to improving your visibility.