Improve your work with total visibility and extreme brightness.

If you wear a hardhat, you’ve used headlamps with a single beam that tightly focuses on a narrow field of view.

Those headlamps illuminate only the objects they’re pointed at, while putting everything behind in heavy shadow. You end up with extremes of light and dark – high contrast areas that distort what you see.

The SiteLight hardhat light changes all that by giving you a high-intensity panoramic view that takes background objects out of the shadows to reduce distortion and eyestrain.

Proven performance.
Optimum usability.
Exceptional versatility.

Maximize jobsite safety for you and your team.

OrbitLight LED hard hat safety light front-left view

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Standard lights limit your field of view


Tightly-focused headlamps provide a narrow view of workspaces

Bright lighting on close-in objects puts background
objects in shadow

Single-beam lighting creates visual distortion between
high contrast light and dark spaces

   SiteLight with full side-to-side viewing field
   Install on either half or full brim hardhat


320 lumen work light delivers a 180° field of view plus the full-surround safety beam illuminates a 360° span

Continuous LED band uses surrounding surfaces to maximize light reflectivity and diminish the impact of shadows

Even ring of light is dispersed in all directions to eliminate distortion between areas of light and darkness

See and Be Seen Like Never Before

The panoramic illumination of SiteLight causes light reflected off surfaces around you to fill in dark spaces. You get a more accurate, three-dimensional viewing field.

The innovation behind our SiteLight hard hat light was driven by our customers — people and businesses whose wearable lighting needs had been long overlooked. It is with meticulous engineering and leading-edge technology that we’ve been able to develop unique lighting solutions like SiteLight for our customers.

We engineer for performance, so you can be more effective on the job.

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Compatible with these hard hat brands and more: