Conditions of Sale

Payment and Order Policy

You agree to pay all fees or charges to your account based on Lumenflex’s prices, fees, and billing terms in effect as shown on the product page for the purchased item(s). You are also responsible for paying any and all applicable sales taxes for your purchase based on the address that you provide as the shipping address with your order. You expressly authorize Lumenflex to charge your account for all such taxes.

If you do not pay on time or if your account cannot be charged for any reason, Lumenflex reserves the right to either suspend or terminate your access to your Lumenflex account. If you have a balance due on any account, you agree that Lumenflex may charge such unpaid fees to your payment method on file or otherwise bill you for such unpaid fees.

Order Acceptance Policy

Order confirmation does not indicate our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute an offer to sell. Lumenflex reserves the right to accept or cancel any order, even after confirmation, for any reason. All orders must establish an acceptable method of payment. Lumenflex may require verifications or additional information before processing your order. Missing, incorrect, or fraudulent information may result in order cancellation without prior notice. We do not accept emails containing credit or debit card information.

Product Pricing and Availability

Product pricing and availability are subject to change without notice. We do not provide price protection or refunds in the event of promotions, pricing discounts or price decreases.

Product Description

Lumenflex aims to be accurate in our product descriptions. However, we do not guarantee that product descriptions or other content on the website is complete, current, or error-free.


Product Warnings

At Lumenflex, we take your safety very seriously. That’s why we ask you to read these product warnings and to follow them whenever using any Lumenflex product.

1. Keep an eye on children. Lumenflex products may make a wonderful addition to night play with your children but they are no substitute for a close parental eye on what your children are doing. Please pay attention to your children at all times and never let your children ride a bike, play in the street, swim in a pool, or engage in any other hazardous activity in the dark, even if they are wearing a Lumenflex product.

2. Use our products only as intended. Some of our products are designed to help you see better in the dark while others are designed to help you be seen by others. Only use your Lumenflex product in accordance with that intended purpose.

3. Our products are part of your safety program, not the safety program itself. Our products should be used as part of an overall safety program for whatever you are doing. They are not intended nor should they be used as a replacement or substitute for any other piece of safety equipment. At all times you should continue to engage in your activity in accordance with all recommended safety practices.

4. Like all products, ours can fail unexpectedly. If that happens, take immediate precautions. While Lumenflex stands 100% behind our products, we can never guarantee that an unexpected or anticipated failure won’t happen. If you are using a Lumenflex product and it should suddenly fail, immediately take all measures necessary ensure your safety.

5. Make sure everything is working as intended before using. Before using the Lumenflex in conjunction with any hazardous activity, please make sure that all the functions are working. Ensure that all of the LEDs are lighting up, that any flashing or blinking function is in working order, and that the product powers up fully. Please make sure that there is sufficient battery life for the Lumenflex product to function at peak capacity. If there isn’t, or if you have any reason to believe the batteries may not have sufficient power to last for as long as your intended activity, please replace or charge the batteries before using your Lumenflex product in conjunction with any hazardous activity..

6. Store your Lumenflex products properly. As electronic equipment, Lumenflex products run on batteries, which can corrode, leak, or explode under certain conditions. Please store your Lumenflex product in a cool, dry place to help avoid problems with the batteries that can damage to your person and property.

7. Attention pacemaker users: some of our products use magnets. If you wear a pacemaker, please be advised that some of our products use magnetic clips. Before using any magnetized product, consult with your doctor to ensure that you can use the product safely and without risk of interference to your pacemaker’s safe operation.

8. Don’t tamper with or alter the product. Not only will this void the limited warranty, but it could result in product failure or malfunction. If you have any questions, please contact Lumenflex before undertaking any change or alteration.

9. Make sure that whoever uses our products has read these warnings. If someone other than you is going to use a Lumenflex product, make sure that they are familiar with it and follow our product warnings.