Get the job done with serious lighting.

If you’ve been searching awhile for ball cap lights, you’ve learned that 20 lumens is as bright as any brim add-on gets. That lighting level may be useful when you’re reading a road map, but for hiking down a dark trail or working under your car, you need serious brightness.

BrimBeam‘s 180 lumens extends across a 180° span and provides over 100 feet of visibility ahead.

So whether you’re an electrician, mechanic, runner, camper, jobsite worker, or outdoor enthusiast, BrimBeam has you covered.

Installing battery pack on the back of BrimBeam LED ball cap baseball cap or trucker cap light
Go Brighter with BrimBeam

Standard Cap Lights
provide only weak, hands-free lighting


Maxes out at 20 lumens – too dim for use over a broad range of activities

Since light and battery are a single unit, weight on the brim limits battery size, resulting in short run time and low light output

Backlight from broad-span lighting can be blinding

BrimBeam LED Cap Light
generates high-intensity illumination


With 180 lumens, visibility extends beyond 100 ft and across a full 180° span

Moving a 900 mAh power supply to the back of the cap balances BrimBeam’s weight so that only 1.1 oz is added to the brim

Engineered so no LED backlight hampers your view

BrimBeam with “Power Boost”
extends the light’s operating time to 12 hours.

A 3,000 mAh power supply worn at the waist supplies 12 hours of operating time

Coiled power cord from power supply to ball cap stretches to a wearer’s height

Approximately 6 hours to complete a recharge

Who knew a ball cap light could be this powerful?

Other LED hat lights are forced to limit their battery size to avoid weighing down the brim. But small batteries mean lower voltage, lower brightness, and shorter run-time. BrimBeam harnesses more power by placing a bigger battery at the back of the cap, distributing components between the brim and the back.

A second version of our ball cap light, the BrimBeam with Power Boost uses a larger battery worn in a holster at the waist. It extends operating time to 12 hours.

Whether outside or in dark spaces, our BrimBeam and BrimBeam with Power Boost lights provide the visibility you need to get the job done.

Runners · Hikers · Campers · Outdoorsmen · Craftsmen
Mechanics · Electricians · Repairmen · Site Workers