What makes our wearable lights so bright?

The technology behind our powerful LED products is exactly what makes Lumenflex an innovator in wearable lighting.

Headlamps, flashlights, and other mobile LED devices share a common feature – they contain individual LEDs arranged in a pattern on a circuit board. However, this means that the surface area of the circuit board has to be smaller to fit it into the lighting case. A smaller surface area reduces both the size and number of LEDs, limiting total light output.


At Lumenflex, our lights are built using UL Certified continuous LED strips, which are like flexible circuit boards that don’t require a case. They’re powered by a stand-alone 12V power supply that provides maximum brightness for a high LED count.

We adjust the density of LEDs on each strip, so you get the highest output with the longest operating time at the most affordable price. The heavier wiring in our products is specified to reduce heat, optimize LED performance, and provide long term reliability. We design our products to ensure you’ll have light when you need it.

Engineered for performance so you can move with the confidence of peak visibility.