Better visibility, fewer safety worries, freedom to ride.

Cyclists go to great lengths to make themselves visible while riding, yet collisions with motorists continue to occur.

All too often, these accidents are the result of motorists not being able to see cyclists in the dark. Many cyclists mount their bikes with single-beam lights, but these lights are only visible to motorists when they are pointed directly at them.

But the full-surround BrightCycle LED light designed for “vented” helmets is different. With BrightCycle, your helmet does more than protect you during a collision – it helps you avoid collisions entirely.

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Standard Lights leave Bicyclists Unseen at Night


Single-beam headlamps are only visible to motorists when pointed directly at them

Ultra-bright unidirectional lights can be blinding for motorists

Lower brightness lights poorly illuminate a rider’s path

BrightCycle LED Lighting System

360° light span alerts motorists in every direction

Broad, uniform ring of light enables motorists to spot riders without being blinded

236 lumens of panoramic lighting enables rider to see surroundings just as clearly as motorists see the rider

Unstoppable Cycling Safety So You Can Enjoy The Ride

Since your helmet sits at the highest location on your body when you ride, it’s the spot most visible to others.

The BrightCycle bicycle helmet light surrounds your “vented” helmet with a bright band of white and red light. With 360° visibility, your helmet becomes the perfect beacon to alert motorists in all directions. Six flashing patterns let you customize your visibility to a specific riding environment.

Compatable with “vented” helmets from — Giro · Foray · Bronte · Isode · Vasona · Register · Trinity · Agilis · Revel · Hale ·