Time to stop being a collision target…

In a motorcycle-car collision, the risk of death for a motorcycle rider is 30 times greater than for a motorist. Faced with these sobering statistics, riders need to take advantage of safety tools that can make a difference in their well-being.

It is a misconception to think that riding with headlights on all the time is adequate to alert surrounding vehicles. At close-in distances, motorcycle headlights can be too low for drivers ahead to see in their rear view mirrors. And that can turn deadly when a driver veers into the rider’s path. With the number of motorcycles that are seemingly invisible to other drivers, it shouldn’t be surprising that over 40% of motorcycle fatalities result from larger vehicles crossing into a motorcycle’s right-of-way.


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Poor Visibility of Standard Lights


Unidirectional beam with narrow light span

Low brightness on roadways with short-range visibility

Helmet lights for urban riding alert only vehicles coming from behind, though rear-ending constitutes less than 10% of collisions

LightRider LED Lighting System


360° span alerts motorists in every direction both day and night

245 lumens of day and night illumination is visible for hundreds of yards

Continuous LED strips disperse light evenly, so drivers in all directions are alerted – no blinding light for motorists or backlight for the rider

Take Safety Into Your Own Hands

Full-span helmet lighting is essential to riding safety because it provides a critical alert to motorists in every direction. Since the helmet is the highest point on a rider, it is more visible to drivers than anywhere else. LightRider takes advantage of your helmet by circling it with a bright field of light to make sure that you command attention.

Compatible with these helmet brands and more: