Motorcycle Helmet LED Light

Push the limits of wearable lighting technology with the LightRider 360° motorcycle helmet light. LightRider encircles your helmet in a bright field of light, so you catch the eye of motorists in every direction. Continuous LED strips create an evenly dispersed light so there’s no blinding light for drivers and no backlight for you.

LightRider gives you a choice of two power options: (1) a rechargeable li-ion battery pack, or (2) a cable link to your motorcycle battery, so you’re always powered while riding.

LightRider bonds to your helmet with a non-solvent VHB (very high-bond) adhesive backing. It can be easily removed without affecting your helmet’s warranty. And with only 1.3 ounces of added weight, LightRider doesn’t alter your helmet’s fit and feel.

With LightRider, your helmet doesn’t just protect you in a collision — it helps prevent that collision from happening.

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