• Li-ion "Smart" Charger (2 Amps / 24 Watts)

    Replacement Charger

    • "Smart" charging circuitry stops charging when charge is complete.
    • Protects from common li-ion failures due to over-charging.
    • LED changes from green to red while charging.
    • Charges twice as fast as our standard 1 Amp "smart" charger
    • Cable connector: DC jack (2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD)
    Compatible with all Lumenflex batteries.
  • StreetSeen



    Cross-Body LED Safety Strobe

    StreenSeen is the only wearable device that packs 1,120 lumens of brightness into a cross-body safety light. By illuminating a full 360⁰ span, it catches the attention of drivers in every direction over 300 feet away. At 7 ounces, StreenSeen's weight is virtually undetectable to the wearer. You get 6 strobing settings, and up to 22 hours of strobe time. The 12V li-ion battery pack is rechargeable so it's easy to stay powered wherever you go. Plus, the bands holding the LEDs are adjustable to fit all sizes of users. StreenSeen was initially developed to improve the visibility of public safety officers managing the scene at traffic accidents. Although the officers can often become camoflaged by their surroundings, the cross-body strobe works to distinguish the officer from her or his background. thereby This is a dramatic improvment in officer safety. Walk smarter and safer with the powerful hands-free lighting of the StreenSeen LED safety light.
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