Bicycle Helmet LED Lighting System

Reflectors… dynamos… flashlights… headlights… tail lights… What’s the single most effective way to protect yourself as a cyclist? Alert motorists in every direction by surrounding yourself with BrightCycle’s 360° field of light.

Single-beam lights are only visible to motorists when pointed directly at them. But BrightCycle uses continuous LED strips that create an even, panoramic light, so motorists can see you as clearly as you can see them. There’s no blinding light for drivers and no backlight for you.

BrightCycle’s LEDs have a non-solvent VHB (very high-bond) adhesive backing, so they can be removed without affecting your helmet’s safety properties or warranty. And with only 4.5 ounces of added weight, BrightCycle doesn’t change your helmet’s fit and feel. For customized alerting, you can switch between 4 brightness levels and 7 strobing settings.

Millions of riders depend on their helmets for protection in an accident. With the BrightCycle bike helmet light, your helmet works to prevent that accident from happening.