Baseball Cap LED Lighting System

Finally, there's a clip-on light for your baseball cap that's bright enough to be truly useful. BrimBeam was designed for workers, outdoorsmen, or anyone who needs powerful hands-free lighting.

With two product choices at 180 or 360 lumens of brightness, BrimBeam’s output is intense! That’s why we built in a “light blocker” to prevent LED backlight below the brim from shining into your eyes.

BrimBeam’s 5.7 ounces is evenly distributed between the continuous LED band on the brim and the power supply at the back. It's a balance that retains your baseball cap's comfortable fit and feel. BrimBeam supplies power with a li-ion battery pack that gives you 5 hours of operating time.

A supercharged version of our clip-on light, BrimBeam Boost has more power capacity to handle twice the brightness. The larger battery pack fits into a holster at the waist, so your cap brim stays as lightweight as the original BrimBeam. The extra band of LEDs adds only 7g to the brim.

BrimBeam and BrimBeam Boost are completely hands-free, so you can keep doing what you do – just more easily.


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for BrimBeam

BrimBeam components
  • 180 lumen clip-on light
  • ‘Power Protected’ li-ion battery pack (900 mAh)
  • Intelligent battery charger

for BrimBeam Boost

BrimBeam Boost
  • 360 lumen clip-on light
  • ‘Power Protected’ li-ion battery pack (3000 mAh)
  • Intelligent battery charger
  • Ballistic nylon battery holster
  • Coiled power cord
Brightness Output BrimBeam: 180 lm
BrimBeam Boost: 360 lm
Power Supply BrimBeam: 0.9 Ah
BrimBeam Boost: 3 Ah
LED Color Cool White
Run Time BrimBeam: 5 hrs
BrimBeam Boost: 12 hrs
Weight on Cap BrimBeam: 5.7 oz BrimBeam Boost: 2.4 oz
Charging Time BrimBeam: 1 hr
BrimBeam Boost: 6+ hrs
Lighting Range BrimBeam: 80 ft
BrimBeam Boost: 185 ft
Weatherproofing: IP65
Operating Temp -10⁰F to 140⁰F

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