Work Light plus 360° Safety Beam

Our rapid fastening system enables you to install or remove the SiteLight hardhat light in just seconds. But that’s just the first reason why this is the most powerful and versatile hardhat light you can buy.

SiteLight is the only hardhat light that provides a double band of LEDs to give you a 360° safety beam plus a high-intensity work light. Its 320 lumens of forward lighting projected your work surface is strong enough to illuminate the most obscure details.

With an output of 440 lumens for both LED bands, SiteLight is the brightest hardhat you can buy. Plus, its ‘Power Protected’ battery pack runs for up to 12 hours so you know you’ll have the light you need when you need it. From its unique fastening design to its color-corrected LEDs and stretchable power cord, every feature is designed for maximum usability to help you get the job done.

SiteLight’s full-surround safety beam and its high-intensity work light make you and your work space stand out more clearly than ever before.

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