• 'Power Link' Adapter

    for LightRider Motorcycle Helmet Light

    The 'Power Link' adapter enables your LightRider motorcycle helmet light to receive power directly from your motorcycle battery. You never have to recharge - lighting is constant as long as you're connected. The adapter automatically unlinks when you get off your bike. Connect your adapter to your helmet light using either the Standard Power Cord or Strobing Power Cord. Includes:
    • ‘Power Link’ motorcycle battery cable (3A blade fuse)
    • Disconnect adapter with belt clip
    • Tank clip to store battery cable connector
    Compatible with LightRider ('Power Link') only. Download user guide
  • LightRider



    Motorcycle Helmet LED Light

    Push the limits of wearable lighting technology with the LightRider 360° motorcycle helmet light. LightRider encircles your helmet in a bright field of light, so you catch the eye of motorists in every direction. Continuous LED strips create an evenly dispersed light so there's no blinding light for drivers and no backlight for you. LightRider gives you a choice of two power options: (1) a rechargeable li-ion battery pack, or (2) a cable link to your motorcycle battery, so you're always powered while riding. LightRider bonds to your helmet with a non-solvent VHB (very high-bond) adhesive backing. It can be easily removed without affecting your helmet's warranty. And with only 1.3 ounces of added weight, LightRider doesn’t alter your helmet’s fit and feel. With LightRider, your helmet doesn’t just protect you in a collision -- it helps prevent that collision from happening.

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  • Power Cord

    No Switch

    Cord has two male connectors (2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD), one straight and one right angle. The straight connector attaches to the helmet and has a waterproof housing. The right angle connector attaches to the 'Power Link' adapter. Compatible with LightRider 'Power Link' only.
  • Power Cord

    with Strobe Controller

    Use this power cord to add strobing capabilities to your Lumenflex lights. The digital controller has seven 7 flashing modes and 5 brightness levels. Each end has a DC male connector (2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD). The connector that attaches to the helmet has a waterproof housing. Compatible with LightRider (Rechargeable or 'Power Link'). NOTE: Some states restrict flashing lights on public roads. Before buying the strobe controller, check your state’s transportation code to make sure flashing lights are allowed.
  • Reinstallation Kit

    for the LightRider Helmet LED Light

    Kit Includes:
    • Pressure-sensitive 3M tape specified for Lumenflex LED bands
    • Removable guide tape to layout the LED pattern
    • Velcro fastener to store helmet cable connector
    • Helmet cleaning pads
    Compatible with LightRider (Rechargeable and 'Power Link') only.


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