• Ballistic Nylon Battery Holster

    for the 'Power Protected' 3000mAh Battery

    This rugged holster of woven ballistic nylon holds the Lumenflex 3000mAh 'Power Protected' battery. Used for all products in which this battery pack is worn at the waist.   Compatible with LightRider (Rechargeable), OrbitSun, OrbitSunXT, and BrimBeam Boost.
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    "Power Protected" Battery Pack (12V, 3,000 mAh)

    • Uses genuine 12V TrustFire li-ion batteries rated at 3,000 mAh (CE, FCC, & PSE certifications)
    • 'Power Protected' means that battery cell protection circuitry prevents over-charging and over-discharging
    • Cabling uses 22 AWG wire for long term reliability
    • Speed charger (with charge protection circuitry) charges in approximately 6 hours
    • Cable connector: DC jack (2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD)
    For battery run times, see individual products. Compatible with LightRider (Rechargeable), OrbitBeam, OrbitSunXT. International Customers:  Export regulations prevent Lumenflex from shipping battery packs ordered separately from equipment.
  • Power Cord

    with ON/OFF switch

    This cord is for lights that use our 3,000 mAh 'Power Protected' battery pack. It has a DC male connector (2.1mm ID x 5.5mm OD) on each end. The connector that attaches to the helmet has a waterproof housing. The coiled power cord includes an ON/OFF switch. Compatible with LightRider (Rechargeable), OrbitSun, OrbitSunXT, and BrimBeam Boost.
  • Reinstallation Kit

    for the OrbitSun Hardhat LED Light

    Kit Includes:
    • Pressure-sensitive 3M tape specified for Lumenflex LED bands
    • Removable guide tape to layout the LED pattern
    • Velcro fastener to store the helmet cable connector
    • Helmet cleaning pads
    Compatible with OrbitSun only.
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