• BrightCycle

    LED Lighting for Vented Helmets

    Reflectors… dynamos… flashlights… headlights… tail lights… What’s the single most effective way to protect yourself as a cyclist? Alert motorists in every direction by surrounding yourself with BrightCycle’s 360° field of light. Single-beam lights are only visible to motorists when pointed directly at them. But BrightCycle uses continuous LED strips that create an even, panoramic light, so motorists can see you as clearly as you can see them. There’s no blinding light for drivers and no backlight for you. BrightCycle’s is the only removable, full-surround bicycle helmet light on the market. And with only 4.5 ounces of added weight, BrightCycle doesn’t change your helmet’s fit and feel. As riding conditions change, you can switch between 6 flashing patterns. Millions of riders only consider their helmets protection only in the event of a collision. With BrightCycle, your helmet works to help prevent that collision from happening.

    Compatable with vented models from -- Giro · Foray · Bronte · Isode · Vasona · Register · Trinity · Agilis · Revel · Hale

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  • BrimBeam



    LED Magnetic Ball Cap Lighting

    Finally, there's a light for your ball cap that's bright enough to effectively light your way and more. At 180 lumens, BrimBeam’s headlamp extends your visibility to over 100 feet. Plus, the headlamp's design prevents disturbing backlight from interfering with your view. But, when you're walking down a dark road, you know that your safety isn't just about seeing ahead. You must be visible to motorists approaching from behind. That's where BrimBeam's rear safety beam steps in... 100 lumens of red LEDs that can signal everyone 300 feet away and further. Our engineers also made sure that BrimBeam’s 7.0 ounces was evenly distributed by placing the light's power supply at the back of the cap. It's a balance that works make sure your ball cap retains it's comfortable fit and feel. BrimBeam is completely hands-free so you can just keep doing what you like do - but now in the light.

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  • LightRider



    Motorcycle Helmet LED Light

    Push the limits of wearable lighting technology with the LightRider 360° motorcycle helmet light. LightRider encircles your helmet in a bright field of light, so you catch the eye of motorists in every direction. Continuous LED strips create an evenly dispersed light so there's no blinding light for drivers and no backlight for you. LightRider gives you a choice of two power options: (1) a rechargeable li-ion battery pack, or (2) a cable link to your motorcycle battery, so you're always powered while riding. LightRider bonds to your helmet with a non-solvent VHB (very high-bond) adhesive backing. It can be easily removed without affecting your helmet's warranty. And with only 1.3 ounces of added weight, LightRider doesn’t alter your helmet’s fit and feel. With LightRider, your helmet doesn’t just protect you in a collision -- it helps prevent that collision from happening.

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  • SiteLight



    Work Light plus 360° Safety Beam

    Our rapid fastening system enables you to install or remove the SiteLight hardhat light in just seconds. But that’s just the first reason why this is the most powerful and versatile hardhat light you can buy. SiteLight is the only hardhat light that provides a double band of LEDs to give you a 360° safety beam plus a high-intensity work light. Its 320 lumens of forward lighting projected your work surface is strong enough to illuminate the most obscure details. With an output of 440 lumens for both LED bands, SiteLight is the brightest hardhat you can buy. Plus, its 'Power Protected' battery pack runs for up to 12 hours so you know you'll have the light you need when you need it. From its unique fastening design to its color-corrected LEDs and stretchable power cord, every feature is designed for maximum usability to help you get the job done. SiteLight's full-surround safety beam and its high-intensity work light make you and your work space stand out more clearly than ever before.

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  • StreetSeen



    Cross-Body LED Safety Strobe

    StreenSeen is the only wearable device that packs 1,120 lumens of brightness into a cross-body safety light. By illuminating a full 360⁰ span, it catches the attention of drivers in every direction over 300 feet away. At 7 ounces, StreenSeen's weight is virtually undetectable to the wearer. You get 6 strobing settings, and up to 22 hours of strobe time. The 12V li-ion battery pack is rechargeable so it's easy to stay powered wherever you go. Plus, the bands holding the LEDs are adjustable to fit all sizes of users. StreenSeen was initially developed to improve the visibility of public safety officers managing the scene at traffic accidents. Although the officers can often become camoflaged by their surroundings, the cross-body strobe works to distinguish the officer from her or his background. thereby This is a dramatic improvment in officer safety. Walk smarter and safer with the powerful hands-free lighting of the StreenSeen LED safety light.


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